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The Full Story

On Scars and Lemonade, we have deeply moving conversations with people that have survived a variety of traumas, but the sharing of personal trauma is not our main focus. Our goal is to share stories of resilience and optimism in order to model empathy and curiosity while being mindful to always center the guest in their own story. We provide a safe, fun, nonjudgmental space for our guests to kick back, relax, play games, and share their own experiences in their own words on their own terms.

Our bios definitely give you some insight into who we are when we step away from the mic, but they don't tell the whole story of why we created Scars and Lemonade. Pat, being an educator in the inner city for the bulk of his career, has been surrounded by children and their stories. More often than not there is sadness in a lot of their stories. This year has been an especially trying year as he suffered the loss of two former students. When you add in global conflicts that have the world on high alert, the whole pandemic thing, and everyday struggles, it became clear to him that he needed to find a way to bring more sunshine into his life. 


Talking with longtime friend, Abi, who has a background working in mental health, they quickly came to the realization that they were in the same boat and, frankly, they were going to need a bigger boat because they were not alone in feeling that way. So the idea for Scars and Lemonade grew from their conversations about where they're at in their lives, what they want to do, and how they can be of service. It’s not just another health and wellness podcast, though those are great too. Scars and Lemonade is a podcast cataloging their journey in celebrating resilience and adding more optimism to the world by sharing the stories and strategies of people who have climbed out of some of their darkest moments and are ready to share how they turned their scars into lemonade while playing games, making pop culture references, and sharing laughs.

Pat - Scars and Lemonade


Pat is a coach, an educator, and one of the world’s three most lethal martial artists. Okay, so one of those things is a lie. What isn’t a lie is his passion for podcasting and his love for 90’s/early 2000’s hip-hop (old head alert!), tacos (really, don’t we all wish everyday was Tuesday?), sports (baseball doesn’t count!), and video games whenever he can find the time (hint it’s never!)


Abi is a writer, pop culture devotee, and parent.  She can often be found spiraling down ‘90s/early aughts pop culture and IMDb rabbit holes until she has forgotten what it was that she was trying to find in the first place. (But seriously, whatever happened to that actor who was in that thing that was on that one time in 1997?) Abi has a master’s degree in psychology and a passion for connecting with people over their stories, hopes, dreams, emotions, mental health, and the soundtrack to Love & Basketball. You know, all the important things.

Abi - Scars and Lemonade
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