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Episode 8 - FIERCE Action with Carolyn Colleen

Content Warning: Mentions of physical and sexual abuse, suicide attempt

We’ve got a fierce episode coming at you this week! Our guest on the pod is Carolyn Colleen, the founder of the FIERCE network, a collective of resilience-building and empowerment services that help women on their life journeys. Carolyn shares her own scars and lemonade journey beginning with her challenging childhood (challenging is an understatement) in which she experienced abuse and neglect, and how it shaped her relationship with love and self-love. She shares how making changes and surviving then thriving for 5 minutes at a time and borrowing love helped her to break the cycle of abuse with her own children and go on to want to help other women by creating the FIERCE Network. She talks to Pat and Abi about the importance of making self-care a daily part of her routine, letting go of the need to do everything herself, and asking for help. They round out the episode with a 2-for-1 games sesh, playing A Slice of Hollywood and Lemonade Stand.

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