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Episode 7 - Underwhelmed, Overwhelmed, and Just, Like, Whelmed

Happy Valentine’s Day…or whatever! In this Valentine’s episode, Pat and Abi profess their undying love for romantic comedies. In theory, this genre is the bond that ties this episode together, but like any good entry in the rom-com canon, it is full of obstacles trying to throw our central duo off course. In this particular set of shenanigans, it’s Abi and Pat getting pulled from movie tangent to pop culture tangent and back again while trying to make the case that the character arcs we know and love in the rom-com format are consistent with those of the stories shared by Scars and Lemonade guests. Both are full of resilience and glass-half-full optimism! So enjoy this outing full of the chaotic, screwball energy we love from all of our favourite rom-coms before they bring it all back on track for a warm and fuzzy ending dream casting their fantasy rom-coms.

Share this episode with your Valentines, your nemeses, and your Uber driver!

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