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Episode 6 - Food for the Soul with Grace Pineda

This week’s Scars and Lemonade episode is coming to you from the middle of the polar vortex. Pat and Abi talk trying to stay warm and remaining optimistic when the temperature drops below -30C. (For American listeners, they tried to do the math and estimate that it’s the equivalent of -1000F. That can’t be right, can it?) This week’s guest is Grace - a chef, parent, and friend of the pod. She joins Abi and Pat to talk about her experience of growing up around family violence. She shares how that has impacted her relationships as an adult, what dating after a separation has been like for her, and how she is doing her best to not let generational trauma negatively impact her parenting. She shares with us her mental health journey of depression and anxiety, talks about therapy, and lets us know how she’s doing the continuous work of awareness, understanding, and self-compassion while learning the importance of asking for help. See if you can pick out the Lemon Seeds throughout the episode and be sure to listen until the end for this week’s game of Scars or Lemonade!

Share this episode with your loved ones, your therapist, and the person working the front desk at your nearest community center!

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