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Episode 5 - A Journey, Not a Destination

Scars and Lemonade returns this week to start 2023 off with an episode that’s pure fire! This episode is coming at you with some big pop culture energy, so Pat and Abi challenge you to pick out all of the references. Amidst the Devon Sawa of it all (there’s your first pop culture freebie), they sit down with Bea to have a personal, engaging, candid conversation about substance abuse, body image, and recovery. Bea generously shares details about her recovery journey from the struggles of online meetings during the early days of the pandemic to finding the recovery model that works for her in order to be more aware, prepared, and compassionate as she moves through the world. She also talks to Abi and Pat about her catalyst for starting her recovery, mental health, self-care, and deciding who to share her stories with while being mindful of her audience and avoiding “trauma dumping”. Bea also lets us in on how she’ll share her experiences with her children when the time comes. And of course, they play Lemon Seeds throughout the episode and end their time with Bea by playing a new game, Lemonade Libs!

Share this episode with your family, your friends, your pets, and the cashier at your local grocery store.

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