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Episode 4 - Achille-ing This Game

Compliments of the season to you! The Scars and Lemonade debut podcast season that is. In this episode, Patrick and Abi are taking some time to reflect on their podcast journey thus far. They talk about what they've learned from their first 3 guests on the pod, including how gratitude is helping Abi cope with her torn Achilles tendon, and express how grateful she is for Keanu Reeves. They discuss guilt as it relates to productivity and how they're trying to shift focus from being productive to being constructive for their mental health journeys. They also share what works in progress they're bringing to their resilience and optimism toolkits in 2023. While you're listening, see if you can pick out their Lemon Seeds words then stick around as they finish out the episode playing games. Send your ideas for their song lyrics game name and place your vote for their movie scene game!

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