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Episode 2 - Stronger Than You Know with Myrna Scales

This week on Scars and Lemonade, Patrick and Abi sit down with Myrna Scales, a source of mental health and wellness support for mothers with chronically ill children and/or children with special needs. Myrna is a mother of two children, one of whom was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumor as a baby. Myrna shares her parenting journey from receiving her child’s diagnosis throughout his treatment and into the present moment. She is generous with her candor and reminds us that even when you don’t think you have it in you to make it through an incredibly difficult situation, you are more capable and resilient than you know. She provides mental health management tips for people parenting children with a chronic illness that frankly are helpful for everyone, including encouraging us to learn about our own personalities so that we can learn what coping strategies work for each of us. We talk about boundaries, staying present, and how to share difficult news with loved ones. And of course, we wrap our conversation with a game (name, TBD). Patrick and Abi share their takeaways from their conversation with Myrna and would love for you to do the same. Get in touch through Instagram, email, or the Scars and Lemonade website!

Remember to share this episode with anyone you think would benefit from the conversation. And get in touch to let us know what resilience and optimism look like in your own life.

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