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Episode 10 - A Lemonade Serenade

"They say music can alter moods and talk to you."

Which sets the stage perfectly for the season finale of Scars and Lemonade. In the finale, Abi and Patrick take a deep dive into the music that surrounds us and shapes us (some of it being far more recent than others!) Is it an uplifting beat or a meaningful lyric? What is it that catches your ear and puts you in a good mood when you hear a particular song? Your wonderful hosts try and explain what reaches them while sharing songs and artists that have become part of their soundtrack of resilience and songs of optimism. Thanks for supporting the first season of Scars and Lemonade and we hope you enjoy the songs that have helped shape it!

Please share this AMAZING podcast with anyone you've ever seen, talked to, or emailed... or at least someone you think could benefit from some laughter and positive vibes!

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