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Episode 1 - Jane of All Trades with Sarah Simpson

We’re back with another glass of Scars and Lemonade! Ew, that didn’t come out quite right. Our first guest episode is here and we could not be more excited for you to hear this conversation. Sarah Simpson is a globetrotter, Jane of all trades, one of Abi’s resiliency heroes and close friends, and a 5-time cancer survivor. Listen in as Sarah shares her scars to lemonade story with us, including what it’s like to go through the “mother of all surgeries” for a rare form of cancer (pseudomyxoma peritonei) while creating goals and learning new skills to fill her optimism reserves along the way. Sarah shares words of advice for acknowledging tough times while emphasizing joy, gaining comfort in having tough conversations, and what kind of self-care activities, teachings, and practices she’s picked up along the way. The cancer that Sarah has survived is rare but her life journey is highly relatable. It will be hard to walk away without finding something to add to your own resiliency and optimism toolkits. Oh, and there are games! And the games have multiple names because we want you to help us choose which ones to use going forward. So, head on over to our Instagram or send us an email to let us know what we should name our word game and our name that pop culture content game.

Please share this episode with your friends, family, coworkers, everyone! And get in touch to let us know what resilience and optimism look like in your own life.

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