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Bonus Episode - Year-End Bonus


This week’s Scars and Lemonade episode is all about year-end bonuses. Year-end bonus content, that is! We’re bringing you the bonus questions that we’ve been hyping up throughout the season. So sit back, relax and listen as we revisit time spent with Sarah Simpson, Myrna Scales, and Fatima C. Oliver to find out their answers to these three questions: What does resilience look like for you? What does optimism look like for you? What pop culture has resonated or provided a bright spot for you on your resiliency journey? We also play Two Truths and a Lie with each of our amazing guests. Enjoy, share this episode, kick back and relax, revisit Pat and Abi’s answers to these same questions from the A Fresh Squeeze episode, and just do you.

Myrna’s YouTube Channel: Myrna Scales

Myrna’s Instagram: @myrnascales

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Fatima’s Instagram: @fatimaoliver1975

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